Values, Mission & Vision

2 min readSep 9, 2022

Decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols entered the spotlight during what became known as the DeFi summer of 2020. Nowadays, DeFi is one of the largest sectors within the blockchain industry.

While crypto, in general, allowed people to become their own banks, DeFi opened the doors for anyone with the right knowledge to create novel applications. As a result, a new wave of DeFi protocols is disrupting the world of traditional finance, permanently reshaping the way we save, lend, and donate money.

Throughout this article, we’ll review our place within the DeFi space, what inspires us as a team, and how we aim to disrupt the charity industry through “yield philanthropy.”

Mission and values

Our grand vision is to bring a new paradigm of increased efficiency, engagement, and innovation to philanthropy.

IHELP enables donors to deposit capital and generate passive income through yield farming in overcollateralized lending protocols (AAVE and Trader Joe). All yield is automatically donated to the donor’s selected charitable causes. Through yield farming, one of the core functionalities of most DeFi protocols, we can automate this recurring donation process, making donations incredibly simple while lowering overhead expenses.

These features create a sustainable ecosystem and long-term support for charitable organizations. Moreover, unlike traditional donations, IHELP allows donors to preserve their capital as only yield returns are used for donations.

Charities also benefit from yield donations, as they can effectively secure a steady source of contributions. This new fundraising mechanism will further assist charities in lowering their overall cost of raising funds for their purpose.

Thanks to IHELP’s yield philanthropy, small contributions from individual donors stack into a singular formidable community of yield donors, all in a completely transparent and programmatic application environment.

Team values

Our core values are based on trust, transparency, and a commitment to contributing quality applications to the blockchain space. We work around the clock to ensure the transformative power of blockchain technology and DeFi is put to good use. We are motivated to contribute high quality applications that showcase the capabilities of the infrastructure they run on and contribute to the overall adoption of crypto.


IHELP is a donation protocol where people can easily donate yield and tokens to charitable organizations around the globe.

Combining increased transparency with DeFi incentives, iHelp proposes a novel and sustainable charity model where users are rewarded for helping humanitarian causes. Donors are rewarded with the native utility token, $HELP, for each donation.

Through its democratic and innovative charity model, iHelp aims to disrupt the charity industry and incentivize more people to help. For more information, please visit our official website and socials (Twitter, Discord)




Donate yield or tokens to charities around the world.