Yield Donations: A New Tool for Philanthropy

4 min readSep 1, 2022


The Power of Technology and Compound Interest for Charities

Blockchain technology continues to roll out new ways of sending, receiving, and organizing capital. IHELP focuses on contributing infrastructure that connects the crypto ecosystem with organizations around the world that are 100% focused on doing good.

The protocol is designed to seamlessly interact with lending protocols like AAVE and allow anyone to donate crypto or yield to charitable causes easily. With yield philanthropy, you can simply deposit capital and the yield generated is automatically donated to your preferred cause.

Imagine affording yourself the option to join a community of donors that continuously contribute to a charitable effort you believe in or an organization you love, all in a secure manner. This automation and digital dispersion allow for new levels of sustainability, giving way to long-term giving through a convenient and cutting-edge setup.

A Place for Donors of Every Income Level

Under the traditional philanthropy model, charities generally ask donors to part ways with their capital. Donors generously give as much as they can, but with yield donations they can now do more.

Charities will value large stable pools of capital supported by thousands of yield donors around the globe. A fractionalized and diversified donor pool will allow charities to benefit from less donation volume volatility. IHELP allows communities of small balance yield donors to shine like never before.

Because we’re dealing with yield on capital, a broader swath of people can contribute regardless of their income level. Anyone can foster and further a specific cause with steady donations that occur automatically. Best of all, you can start with capital of any amount, and there’s no need to sit down and calculate repeat contributions.

IHELP is Easy to Use

We recommend you jump right in and experience the protocol yourself at ihelp.finance. You’ll begin by launching the IHELP app and connecting your wallet. This allows you to browse charities and track your contributions.

For example, within the donation platform, you might select to deposit $USDT or $USDC to your chosen charity. The platform allows you to select AAVE or Trader Joe as the yield generation source and shows you the current yield for your chosen currency.

From there, the yield generated is separated from the deposited capital and automatically transferred to the wallet of your charity of choice. You will always be able to track your deposits and the donated yield across every charity.

As a yield donor, you can track the yield your contributions make to your chosen charity. The protocol will reward you with HELP tokens, which you can then stake to receive $DAI rewards from the staking pool. The staking pool receives 10% of all yield that flows through the protocol as well as 2.5% of all direct donations.

Sustainable Giving is the Way of the Future

Why do so many people love this new approach to philanthropy? Simply because it offers a whole new way to experience the rewards of philanthropy — as you can keep your capital and see long-term results while the yield generated is allocated to causes you care about.

Sold on yield donations? Enter our app and see firsthand how IHELP’s yield donations put your money to work in a new and exciting way!


IHELP is a donation protocol currently deployed on Avalanche that allows anyone to support established charitable causes via traditional donation or an innovative yield donation mechanism.

The protocol’s mission is to serve DeFi tools to crypto holders to securely and efficiently express their charitable intentions. Yield donors are rewarded with $HELP tokens, which can be staked for a claim on a portion of all yield and direct donations that flow through the protocol.

IHELP aims to build a bridge between crypto and great organizations focused on improving the world. Through its innovative donation model, the protocol offers more people the opportunity to be generous. For more information, please visit our official website and socials (Twitter, Discord)




Donate yield or tokens to charities around the world.